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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Fic: 2 Supernatural Drabbles
SPN - Dean looking sideways

I wrote these for the supernatural100   comm, which I love. So much fun! Plus, I like to proclaim I DRABBLED.

Which, yeah. Sorta says a lot about me, huh?

Title: No Way
Author: twasadark  
Rating: PG
Pairing: none; Gen
Note: Challenge 128 - Yellow

Tackling the zombie may have thrown Dean’s back and neck out, but his mouth?

That worked just fine.

“No way, dude,” Dean said, spreadeagled on the motel bed. “No, no, no, and hell no.”

Sam sighed. “You can’t move and I can’t do it for you.”

“It’s gross!”

“Just do it.”

Dean eyed the bottle’s small opening with disgust. “Get me a Gatorade bottle at least. That might be wide enough.”

Sam rolled his eyes, but offered Dean a plastic soda cup from the wastebasket.

He turned around, smiling as Dean cursed.

And fumbled.

And finally sighed in blissful relief.

Title: Returning
: Dean/Cassie
: Challenge 125 - Red. I wrote this a while ago, but didn't post it to my journal so that I could actually FIND the thing. :-)


He’s propped up against her doorframe, heart pounding, head swimming, and when the door opens and he sees her face, her coffee brown skin and red red lips, he feels something like a fissure open inside him.

Dean?” She asks on a warm, sweet breath. Her eyes take in his face, track down his chest to where the hand is pressed over the wound, sticky with blood. “What--?”

He quirks a grin, can’t help himself. “Cassie. Had to see you.”

“God, Dean. God--” Then she’s filling his arms, leading him inside. Welcoming him.

“Yeah,” he says.

And believes.


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LOL that first one is brilliant! Gatorade bottle. That killed me. What I like about the second one is that you never state anything explicitly about love, but it still comes through really well.

Thanks! Gatorade always did kind of remind me of pee. LOL!!

And thanks for your kind words about the Dean/Cassie one. I know that's definitely not one of the most popular pairings in this fandom ... :-)

I *love* the drabble form! Kind of wish that I'd write again, too…

"Get me a Gatorade bottle at least. That might be wide enough."

So very Dean! Delightful. :)

No Way

“Get me a Gatorade bottle at least. That might be wide enough.”

*snickers* He’s so modest.

Funny drabble! I like that it’s not immediately evident what’s going on.


This one makes me go “aww” and “Oh, Dean” at the same time. I think it was clear in “Route 666” that he really wanted that relationship to go somewhere, and I don’t think he got over the fact that it didn’t for a very long time.

Nicely done.

Thanks for your kind words! I have ridiculous love for drabbles! :-)

Love the drabbles. Is there a listing of the prompts somewhere? They need to have a table where folks can find all of them without sorting through miles of entries.

That would be a great idea, to have a table, huh? but alas, the weekly challenges aren't even tagged by the mods, so that's not a lot of help. I joined the comm a while back and just kind of keep my eyes peeled on my friends page when they are posted. The comm isn't all that busy, so it's manageable.

Glad you enjoyed these little bits. :-)

Me again - :-). I don't know if you're interested, but I just joined 100_ghosts which is basically the same comm as supernatural100 BUT they do tag the challenges: http://community.livejournal.com/100_ghosts/tag/mod:prompt-2008

*dies laughing* at the first one. Oh, Dean! *giggles*

Thanks! I have to say that being married for all these years has enlightened me about the thought processes (?) of guys. LOL

Aw, I love how you say just enough in each of these. :D

Thanks so much! :-) They are a lot of fun to do.

Hey, did I tell you how much I absolutely LOVE one of the DA vids you recced to me? "The Way You Move" by Thandie? OMG!! I've watched it again and again! Alec .... YUM. Thanks!!!

It is full of yum and has the neck-crack of genius! :D

I loved the second one! I don't care what anyone says, I always liked Cassie. And after the threats of Jo and Bella, I know a few others who like her more now too.

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