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This is your brain on Supernatural

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SPN - Dean looking sideways
Hello everyone!

It's been such a long time since I posted here. I promise, I'm still alive! While I'm still watching numerous TV shows, I haven't really gotten into the fandom of any one of them. I will, however post about the TV shows… sometime soonish.

In the meantime, I've recently published a humorous book called The Cat's Guide to Human Behavior. It's a self-help guide for cats about how to deal with annoying human problems. I'm looking for some honest reviews, so I'd like to offer 10 copies free to anyone who will commit to providing me with an honest review posted to Amazon.com. If you're interested comment here, or send me an email at xuwriter@yahoo.com and I'll send you more information about it.
Hope to hear from you!
The Cats' Guide to Human Behaviour EBOOK UPLOAD

At last, the mysteries of humans' strange habits and bizarre desires are revealed in this clever, timely guide for the modern cat. Discover answers to timeless feline questions such as: Why does my human refuse to groom herself with her tongue? For decades felines have been meowing for such a guidebook - don't deny them any longer!

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I would love to read the book! Email me at twistedgypsy213 @ yahoo . com

Yay!!! Emailing you now!

How long is it? I'm totally willing to give it a read, but I'm also behind on a few other review projects, so if it's longer than, say, a novella, I might not be your best choice. ;D

It's quite short, actually. About 50 pages with pictures. It's designed to be a gift book rather than an information or a novel.

Well, then, that's certainly something I could handle.

Yay!! PM me your email address and I'll give you more info.

now I know what I'll be reading tonight! :-))


Hey! It's great to hear from you! Haha - I'm thrilled your interested in the book! Would you like a free review copy? If so, please PM me the format you'd like and your email addy. :-)

Thank you, i've already bought it and i'm laughing the whole time. I also startend a game in lexoulous if you want to play

Awww, so happy that you are enjoying it! :-) It was fun to write.

Actually, I'm no longer on Lexulous. Instead I'm on Words With Friends, which you can get as an app for your Kindle or iPad or access through Facebook. Any interest in that?

I'm not on Facebook or Twitter, I've got no iPad and my Kindle is just a reader - you could say, I'm old-fashioned :-))

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