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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Bunch O' Stuff!
SPN - Dean looking sideways
I keep meaning to make a post but then I'm unable to for some reason or another, usually to do with hand and wrist pain. My chiropractor tells me that I must improve my posture or become a shriveled old woman sooner than nature intended. I'm trying to do so in the hopes that it will help but it is not easy. Anyhow, an update!

1. Supernatural and other tv shows. I'm still watching Supernatural although at this point it's mainly for the pretty factor. Jared, Jensen, and Misha definitely deliver on that front. I appreciate the excitement of those fans who remain, though. I'm looking at you, counteragent and raloria, especially!

I can't seem to muster any excitement for much else, though. I tried out the pilots of Sleepy Hollow, which was ridiculous but had potential for fun, and Marvel, Agents of Shield which I really enjoyed but somehow haven't followed up on. Arrow continues to open with shirtless exercising scenes, I have noted with approval, but it's just not holding my interest either. Too much to do, I suppose.

I AM digging The Walking Dead, which the hubster and I watch religiously. Michonne is SO AWESOME and Daryl is MY LOVE and Rick is sweaty and angst-ridden but acceptable. I think Rick and Michonne have some wicked good chemistry, but I sure wouldn't mind seeing him and Daryl get together. Heh.

I'm going with friends to Thor this weekend, which should be filled with eye candy and explosions, both of which I enjoy. I don't quite get all the Loki love, although Tom H. is supposed to be the most perfect gentleman ever, I hear.

2. I've set up a bunch of various Facebook pages and websites and so on lately, and I've released a silly kitty book. The cat lovers among you may find it of interest:
The Cats' Guide to Human Behaviour EBOOK UPLOAD

Every Litter Should Have One!

At last, the mysteries of humans’ strange habits and bizarre desires are revealed in this clever, timely guide for the modern cat. Discover answers to timeless feline questions such as: Why does my human refuse to groom herself with her tongue? For decades felines have been meowing for such a guidebook – don’t deny them any longer!


3. I've been blogging about travel and writing and cats over at xuwriter.wordpress.com. It's been fun but I don't know whether anyone is really reading it. I need to promote it, I suppose. I will be announcing my various book giveaways and releases there and on Facebook if you're interested: https://www.facebook.com/XinaMarieUhl and I keep meaning to get back on twitter ... it's just so time-consuming!

4. I'm participating in mini_wrimo this month and have committed to a whopping 500 words a day! So far so good, although last night I crashed too early to meet my full goal. Who all is joining me? I see some familiar names over there sometimes goneahead, lostandalone22 and ladyjanelly!

5. I've been making mosaics lately with varying degrees of success, considering that I really don't have much artistic talent. I'm proudest of this Roman inspired piece. It's ungrouted here, but the final product is similar:
2013-09-01 15.24.16

6. Tell me your news, fannish or not!

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I've been having fun with the mini-nano. I definitely got a ton more done this weekend (as opposed to 0 words like I usually write Sat-Mon). It's going to be a struggle to keep it up the last week of the month while we're in florida, but I'm hopeful. I might be able to leave small-child with grandma while hubby and I go write.

Great! Yes, it is NOT easy to write with a little one around, but it sounds like you have a potential plan in the works. You can do it!

Good luck with mini_wrimo! I hope you reach your goals.

That book looks really cute.

You, too! I'm on track to do so ... gotta write now as a matter of fact. :-)

Woohoo, lookit you! I have totally fallen off the Twitter wagon, but I'm trying to at least keep up with LJ. Good luck on all your projects :)

Thanks! Haha, yes, twitter can be sort of intimidating!

*random glomps*

I ran into a brief "OH GOD THIS WHOLE SCENE NEEDS REWRITING" snag with Challenge, but I SHALL PERSEVERE. Also, I have Thursday off, also known as THE DAY OF WRITING.

LOL, you will NOT give in to rewriting 50 times, right? Also, remind me of this at some point, too!

Yay for day of writing!!!

Congratulations again on the book!

The Nerdist interviewed Tom Hiddleston this week. I was pretty sure that he was a true gentleman, but the podcast certainly eliminated any trace of doubt.

Arrow is beginning to get bogged down, as almost all complex multi-threaded series seem to do, but I mainlined S1 in about two weeks, so it all still seems pretty fresh and vivid as I roll along with S2.

Agents of SHIELD secured my interest with the most recent ep. Nothing approaching the height of Joss genius, but a wonderfully welcome relief from the earlier focus on Skye-the-Hacker, and some nice emotional engagement.

Love the mosaic piece!

Oooh - thanks for that link! I've saved it to listen to while I'm cleaning the house. I may become a Hiddelston stan after listening, though!

I watched Arrow last night and it is becoming a bit "everyone is a superhero and everyone you thought was dead is now back to kick your butt" kind of show!

Skye-the-Hacker? I do dig Joss and maybe one day soonish I'll have time to watch it ...

It struck me early on that his outsider girl character in Firefly was River, and now the outsider girl character in SHIELD is Skye. Maybe "Meadow" next? Gaia? Star? Moon?

Your assessment of Arrow is pretty much spot on.

LOL - Arrow is one of those shows to watch when you're brain dead and in need of mindless fluff and pretty people.

I listened to the podcast today - I really enjoyed it. Christ Hardwick is rather intelligent and charming and Hiddleston is the same, but I'm not smitten with him yet. I guess I'm just a Thor kind of girl. :-)

Well, nobody can be faulted for admiring Thor. He's glorious!

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