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This is your brain on Supernatural

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SPN - Dean looking sideways
I just watched last night's Teen Wolf.

[Spoiler (click to open)]HOLY SHIT. That was AMAZEBALLS. A completely creepy, sexy, touching episode - I think it has to be my favorite of the entire series! Although I would imagine that the Sterek shippers aren't too happy right now. I love Stiles even more (in a totally non shippery way) than ever. And I just love looking at whatever that girl's name is who plays Lydia. She's so gorgeous.

Anyhow, I'm very happy right now. The first few episodes of this season didn't do much for me but this is one I will likely watch again and again!

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OMG, YES! Hands-down my favorite episode on all fronts. The creepiest one, for sure. I'm kind of a Sterek shipper, but I guess I'm used to my ship not really being supported by canon at some point, after all the years of SPN, lol. I don't see the Derek/Jennifer (is that her name?) thing going anywhere good for Derek, though. There are too many hints that she's kind of fishy...

Stiles: always and forever my favorite character. Derek is fun to look at and fun to have around in a doomed, dark kind of way, too, but Stiles... I just love him and damn, that O'Brien kid is some kind of genius natural actor. He just blew me away in this one. And then someone posted on Tumblr his interview about doing this scene, and I'm just... I don't know. This kid. He's too adorable.

Holland Roden is really gorgeous, in a somehow interesting way. I even watched a few minutes of some sort of live chat thing with her and one of the writers this morning and she's probably even more attractive when she's being herself. Ridiculously hot cast is ridiculous.

I have SO MUCH Teen Wolf fic in my "to podfic" folder right now, oh my god. That should be interesting: 50+ year old woman with a Southwestern drawl voicing twenty-something California kids.

Yay!! Yes, Jennifer is her name (I had to think what it was, too). She's okay but this relationship sure seems to be proceeding quickly. And YES about Dylan O'Brien. He's got such a wonderful enthusiastic energy as an actor and so much heart. Poor little dude with the tear coming down his cheek when he poured his heart out to Scott ... I'm going to Comic Con this year and the Nerd HQ list just came out (they do conversations with actors for a reasonable fee that goes to charity). I see Maze Runner on there which apparently O'Brien stars in. I may have to go just to see him ... it's for charity after all.

LOL, 50+ year old Southwestern women are into fandom too! The youngsters will have to deal. :-)

Have you succumbed to Orphan Black yet? OMG I love that show. SO fantastic. Can't say much about it without spoiling you but it's amazing!

I have watched Orphan Black and the show was only so-so for me, but Tatiana Maslany, man. I can't say enough about her acting in that. It was well worth the watch just to see her completely transforming herself into each character. Wow.

I didn't realize Dylan O. had actually starred in anything, yet. I know he has a supporting role in The Intern (which is the only reason I'd bother watching it). I had to Google Maze Runner, but it actually sounds pretty good. And I'd certainly pay money to watch him act in it.

Poor little dude with the tear coming down his cheek when he poured his heart out to Scott ...

Right? But honestly his big expressive eyes do a lot of emotional heavy lifting every week, with or without the tears. Although Scott has only really gotten interesting for me during S3, I've always liked his and Stiles' relationship, and Stiles relationship with his dad is one of my favorite things about the show--one of the only ones that actually tugs at my heartstrings.

You didn't like the show that much? I'm trying to get my hubby into it but he didn't care for the first episode all that much. Mainly because of Felix, who offends his straight sensibilities. I LOVE Felix. Sigh. Oh, well. I do believe I have a girlcrush on Tatiana. She's incredible.

Yeah, I had to google Maze Runner too when I saw it on the NerdHQ schedule. It looks like a take off of The Hunger Games.

Scott never has interested me all that much, and I mainly find his obsession with Allison rather annoying, but he's doing okay this season. And YES about Stiles relationship with his dad. I love that - it reminds me of Dean Winchester's love for his family. *happy sigh*

I'm not sure what it was about Orphan Black that failed to hold my attention. I was super intrigued at the beginning, but once I understood the basic premise, I kind of stopped caring. But so much yes on Tatiana Maslany. Hot and amazing. Especially the nerdy lesbian scientist incarnation (I forget her name).

Scott does have this endearing tendency to not want people to die; I'll give him that. And since Allison broke up with him he's a bit less flighty, so there's that.

What did you think about the Ethan/Danny scene? The more I see of Danny, the more I like him, and I've read some pretty good Danny/Stiles fic. I find myself hoping that Ethan will actually develop real feelings for Danny (as it seems he might be, re his comment that he hopes that Danny is a survivor). It might redeem that ridiculous "alpha pack" storyline a bit for me, if at least one of them turned out to have some basic humanity left.

Yeah, the alpha pack story is rather dumb. And it seems like EVERYONE on the show fights in slow motion, lol. I like the Ethan/Danny storyline. I'm not too sure what to think of the monster twins yet, but hopefully at least one of them can be redeemed (by gay love).

Well, history tells us that gay love can pierce the veil and save the day. Or something. :D

This was a really good episode. I love that Scott finally melted down and how Stiles was there for him.

I know, right? The two of them were so sweet and touching together. They seem to have such a strong friendship both on screen and off.

I just finished it and OMG so good! I'm not a Sterek shipper (though I do love scenes between the two of them), but I love Scott and Stiles (not Scott/Stiles). And Danny getting some action makes me happy, even if it's with one of the 'bad' guys. :D

I don't really ship anyone on the show. I guess my grandmotherly status is getting to me or something. They're just all too young - even the hottie Derek. I certainly don't mind looking at them on the screen, though! :-)

Lol. I keep telling my 25-year-old daughter that she needs to move to California and marry Tyler Hoechlin and have tall, good-looking athletic babies. It's not too hard a sell, since she already has a thing for baseball players. :D

He does seem like a sweet guy. :-)

Hey, btw, I'm going to be in New Mexico the week after next. I'm driving from CA thru Arizona and Albuquerque to end up in Santa Fe for a few days. Are you anywhere near there? I'd love to say hey in person if you are.

I've read some RPF fic in the fandom and watched some interviews and whatnot and it does seem like he's the sweetest guy. I glanced at his Twitter and it's almost entirely good wishes sent out to tornado victims and stuff like that. I've never read a single word of bad about him.

Wow, all the way from CA to Santa Fe...that's quite a drive. (Says the girl who took a 4100-mile road trip a couple of years ago. :D) Actually Santa Fe is about 200 miles from here, as is Albuquerque. I wouldn't mind a trip to Santa Fe, normally, but I'm not sure that's doable on such short notice, right now, darn it.

I love road trips. Plus my family is in eastern Arizona so it's always good to stop and visit them. And I LOVE New Mexico. We're thinking pretty seriously about buying some property near the sprawling metropolis of Pie Town. :-)

Wow, 200 miles is a long ways! No worries - I wouldn't want to put you out. My hubby and I are going to Santa Fe for a friend who is celebrating her 50th this year and that was her wish, to spend some time in Santa Fe. I've never been so I jumped at the chance. Plus there's some sort of Native American festival that weekend and I'm jonesing to take some great pictures.

Whoa a 4100 mile roadtrip? Coast to coast? I've driven all over the place - even up to Alaska! Although that required getting on a ferry in British Columbia. It was an awesome trip. Hopefully one day I'll repeat it.

Me too! The 4100-mile trip was the Infamous Fangirl road trip of 2010. We went to Alaska a few years back, but we flew, trained, bused and shipped it. (Best vacation EVER!) These days I absolutely despise flying and I'd rather take 3 days to get there by driving than fly there in one day. It's better if you can drive, though, rather than having to be a passenger, I think. I'm thinking of driving to Las Vegas for Wincon this year, which is almost 800 miles. We'll see if I have the time depending on what else is going on.

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