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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Tarot Readings For Sale
SPN - Dean looking sideways
posted by a_phoenixdragon HERE.

For any and all who may be interested, I'm offering Tarot readings at a price that is slightly higher than a street vendor but way less than your average 1-800 number or Tarot.com reading. This would help get me out of a bind - and maybe make you feel a touch better about the future ahead (if not help you plan better for it)!

Prices are thusly:

Average Reading (Ques., Atmosphere, Past, Present, Possible & Probable Future): $15 USD

Full Reading (Q, A, Past, Pres., Poss., Prob., 2 Hopes/Fears, Family Opin., Final Outcome): $25 USD

Traditionally my 'usual reading' is the Full Reading, but I realise not everyone will want that, so I have tailored the Reading and price accordingly. I have never charged for Tarot Readings, so this is the beginning standard from what I gather (I have quite a few friends who do readings for these prices). I would love to do readings for free (as I always have) but unfortunately, life has dictated that this may not be possible at this time. As much as I hate to charge for this, I also would hate to lose the roof over my head. If you wish to have a reading done, feel free to PM me and I will get it set up for you. We can do it via email or over the phone, whichever makes you more comfortable.

But even if you cannot do this at this time, I would really appreciate it if you would spread the word. There may be a few people out there who are interested - and I would wholly welcome their help. And look! They get something fun and (hopefully) practical in return!

Any way you can assist is appreciated, guise. And thank you (always, always) for listening!



Please re-post if you can to help out.

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Thank you for reposting this! Mandy is my best friend, and we really appreciate you spreading the word.

Thank you so much for the pimp! Hope you enjoyed your reading...


Your reading was amazing! I just sent you a long email about it. I so appreciate your insight and effort, and I'll think carefully about what you presented.

Excellent experience!

Thank you! Wow *blushes* I felt like it was kind of rusty, so I am very happy you were pleased with the results! I have been able to read some of your email (not all, I will be settling down with it soon) and it seems you have had it rough and your family has had it rough. It colors your perceptions and makes you hesitate, even without outside influence. People who get burned have a habit of pulling back, even when they know the flames may not exist. Readings like this just clear the muddied waters. Really, I'm not telling you anything you don't know - I'm just making it easier to see the path. Only you know where it leads.

I wish you nothing but the best! You will get there, lovie. It may take a while, it might get rocky and frustrating - but in the end, that only makes victory that much sweeter! I'm so glad you have enjoyed this experience. In many ways, that is the point - insight and that 'ahha!' moment that brings warmth and comfort.


Good luck to you - in all that you do!

Edited at 2013-06-03 05:12 am (UTC)

Well *I* am getting a reading! That sounds fantastic. I've contacted her. Thanks for boosting the signal.

Yay!! I'm so glad to hear it. I got mine today and it is so very perceptive in so many ways. A wonderful experience and well worth the money!

Mine's tomorrow night. I'm excited. I could use some extra perception!

How did it go? Mine was great! Very perceptive and encouraging.

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