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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Dark Angel Recs!
SPN - Dean looking sideways
Alec lives on! Here are a couple of Dark Angel recs that I read/listened to lately:

(Fic) Change More Fierce by corbyinoz; Gen, Rated: M

Remember the police captain from the final two episodes of Dark Angel? corbyinoz has written a wonderful story about Alec's interaction with him here. Based on kjsvala's excellent art over here.

Summary: Ramon Clemente receives an unexpected visitor days after the events of 'Freak Nation'. His encounter with Alec will change everything he knew about his family life, his security and the nature of the 'reaks' he chased into Terminal City; but can he save Alec, as Alec saved him?

(Podfic) A Mind That Knows Itself by impertinence; read by exmanhater; Max/Alec, PG-13; Length: 17:17

exmanhater gives her typical sweet, smooth read of this lovely story. Delightful!

Summary: Post-"Berrisford Agenda". Alec's not alright, duh.

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