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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Ficlet: Different Strokes (Dark Angel, Alec/Zack)
SPN - Dean looking sideways
Title: Different Strokes

Fandom: Dark Angel

Pairing: Alec/Zack

Rating: NC-17

Words: 800

Summary:  Alec and Zack have a difference of opinion, among other things.

Note: written for the comment_fic prompt Dark Angel, Zack/Alec, different



The solid, hard weight of him pressed down on Alec.  The scent of shaving lotion.  The crinkling of leather from his jacket.  His short hair and bare neck and the force with which he practically devoured Alec’s lips.  All these things made him different from the girls—and occasional woman—Alec has taken to bed. 

The cybernetic implants are also something Alec hasn’t experienced before.  He had to admit, they were the reason he’d come on to Zack in the first place, in the alley outside his place after their latest little adventure with Max.  Zack had turned to him, muscles tense and face wild with what Alec thought was rage, and he’d said,  “Come on,” and stalked up the stairs to Alec’s place.  Alec followed after a brief hesitation, not sure what to expect.  He certainly didn’t expect for Zack to push him up against the door and kiss him like he’d been celibate for seven years and tonight he was letting loose. 

Alec liked to think of himself as a considerate, sensitive lover, one who took his time and made sure that his partner enjoyed herself or himself, so Zack’s manhandling of him took him by surprise.  A few more minutes of bruising kisses and hands tugging at his clothes and he began to see the appeal of hot, quick, and dirty sex.  When Zack literally growled and shoved Alec against the wall, Alec felt the thrill of arousal take over his initial nervousness and uncertainty and soon he was giving as good as he got, shoving against Zack’s hard form, kissing and nipping at his lips, jamming his hands down his fellow transgenic’s pants and hearing the resultant hiss of pleasure, jacking him fast and hard until Zack came all over his fingers with a groan.  Barely a moment later Zack was dropping to his knees, shoving Alec’s boxers down, and taking Alec’s cock into his mouth, all sweet hard suction and slithering tongue.  Alec slid his hands into Zack’s hair and barely had a chance to register its softness on his fingers when his orgasm rose quick and powerful.  Normally Alec would have pulled away from his partner and worked to keep himself from coming too soon but tonight he just let himself approach that edge. 

“I’m gonna come,” he warned Zack, and Zack pulled off with a loud slurp, then rose to start sucking on Alec’s neck, his palm jacking Alec’s straining flesh until he came with a shout, hard and wet and absolutely awesome. 

When he came down from the high Alec found himself leaning against the apartment wall, dazed and exposed, buzzing from the violent nature of his release and the lovemaking that preceded it. 

“That was … wow,” he said.

Zack’s jaw tightened and he turned aside, stomped into the bathroom and spent a moment in there before he came out and handed Alec a damp washcloth to clean up with.  Alec wiped down his stomach and hands and buckled himself up. 

“Hey,” he said, crossing over to the bar and pulling out a bottle of brandy.  “You want a drink?”

Zack shook his head once, violently, and Alec took a good look at him as he sipped the potent liquor.  “You okay, man?”

Zack gave him a pained smile.  “No, not really.”  Alec waited for him to continue.  Zack ran a hand through his hair.    “I didn’t want to do this.”

Alec held up a hand, defensive.  “Hey now, I didn’t exactly force myself on you--”

“No, that’s not what I mean.  I didn’t want this from you.  I wanted it from—never mind.”  Zack looked aside, jawline strong and hard.

Alec took a moment to digest what the other man said.  “Yeah, I get it.  You wanted Max, right?  I’m just a willing stand in.  I get it.”  He hoped he didn’t sound too petulant, because really that’s not what this was about.  He got off, and that’s all he wanted.  He waited a moment before trying again, “It’s okay.  I’m cool with it.”

Zack looked at him then, face shuttered and masked and hard.  “Yeah?  Well, good for you because I’m not.”

He turned on his heel and left then, just as suddenly as he’d come.  Alec shook his head.  Max, Max, Max.  Always screwing with a guy whether you mean to or not.  Well, he wouldn’t fall into that trap.  Not a chance.

He swallowed the rest of his brandy, thought about how good he had it now that he was out of Manticore and on his own.  He thought about Max’s lush lips and long silky hair, about the way he could never wait to take her down a notch from her high horse. 

Nope, not a chance in hell. 





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awwww, Alec.

great story. I like the turn it took towards the end. Max, it`s always about Max. Adds to the characters.

thank you for sharing!

Thanks so much for reading! I'm so glad you liked it. &hearts

Max has them all wrapped around her little finger, doesn't she?

Also, this made me wonder if maybe something like this had happened between Zack and Ben as well? Mmm, delicious thought!

Good stuff, sweetheart!

Oooooh, Zack and Ben! Now there's a delicious combination!

Thanks so much for reading this little piece. &hearts

This fandom needs more guy-on-guy-action.

Amen to that! :-) Thanks for reading and commenting!

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