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Master List of Fic

Dark Angel


The Tactic, PG-13 for mentions of torture,1600 words - Prompt: Alec is captured and interrogated by Ames White & Co. (possible non-con Ames/Alec? Either way, I like my Alec bruised and traumatized, if that could be arranged.)


Force, PG-13, 1000 words - Prompt: Max/Alec, forced to submit to her authority

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
, PG, 500 words - Prompt: Max/Alec, time is running out

Beautiful Mistake, PG-13, 550 words - Prompt: Max/Alec, heat totally counts as a stupid mistake

Right as Rain, PG, 650 words - Prompt: Racing in the Rain

Speaking of You, R, 1300 words - Summary: Max is pissed at Alec ... so what else is new? Her reaction to him, that's what.

Two Steps Back
, R, 3000 words - Summary: Max heaps a lot of abuse on Alec, and there's one reason he takes it: he wants it.

Waking to Tomorrow
, PG, 2500 words - Summary: Alec has never made it easy on Max. Max returns the favor.

Cold Comfort
, PG, 2000 words - Summary: Some cold snowflakey goodness that includes the only gen threesome you’re likely to read tonight. With bonus hypothermia! And nekkid!Alec!

Hot in the City Tonight
, Adult, 3500 words - Summary: Alec tries to protect Max from herself with hot and sweaty consequences. Yes, this means I'm trying my hand at a heat fic.


Slip of the Tongue, Alec/FC, Adult, 600 words

Double Jeopardy,
Alec/FC, Max/Alec, Max/Logan, R, 5800 words - Summary: The sight of her is like a sucker punch to the gut, unexpected and brutal.

Get by with a Little Help, Alec/Logan, R, 700 words - Prompt: doily, mermaid, what are you doing, violet (which I changed to “violent”)

Reversal of Fortune, Alec/Ames, Adult, 2500 words - Summary: Alec has Ames at a disadvantage. Dubious consent.

Different Strokes, Alec/Zack, Adult, 800 words - Summary: Alec and Zack have a difference of opinion, among other things.


Max/Alec, seizure

Max/Alec, Wanting more

Alec, a panther disguised as a kitten, a hurricane hidden as a light spring rain

Alec, working undercover

Max/Alec, learning to trust

Max/Alec, kiss it and make it better

The Blue Lady/Alec, snakebite quick, and the long slow savor of poison

Max/Alec, A Long Fatal Love Chase (Louisa May Alcott)

Max/Alec, following orders, sweet schmoopy

Max/Alec, following orders, dark and twisted

Max/Alec, Alec's first seizure

Alec/Logan, night terrors



The Road to Awe and Wonder
, R, 35,000 words for spn_j2_bigbang . Mostly gen with het subplot. It is 700 ad and the world lies in ruin, the Dark Ages come to life. The Roman Empire has crumbled into something altogether new, Medieval Europe, hanging on to the remnants of Roman civilization while being shaped by the church.

In this land of relics and shrines knight Jensen of Ackerley wanders grief-stricken and purposeless until he takes on the challenge of guiding Lady Alona on a pilgrimage. Accompanied by the orphaned street thief Tristan of Jare, they travel from France to Rome to the center of the world - Jerusalem - across the glittering Mediterranean, facing dangers of the body and soul, the heart and mind.


City of Dis, G, 600 words - Prompt: Supernatural, Castiel & / Dean, Castiel is actually one of the fallen angels set to guard the gates of the City of Dis, rather than an angel of Heaven. The City of Dis is also known as the Sixth Circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno, and the walls of the city are guarded by fallen angels.

Ruin in High Definition, G, 800 words - Summary: Dean thinks what he wants from Castiel is innocent enough - but is it?

Momentary Lapse of Reason, R, 900 words - Summary: Slow, quiet, desperate sex as the world rages around them.


Two Fingers, Dean/Ellen, PG, 575 words - Summary - Coda to 5x02

The Weight of Water
, Dean/OFC, Adult, 5300 words - Summary: Dean and Sam are hunting a phantom mustang herd on the property of spitfire ranch owner Mandy O’Malley. She can’t stand Dean. He finds her irritating and oversensitive. So of course they must have sex.

Dean/Cassie, G, Drabble, Note: Challenge 125 - Red


Angels with Dirty Faces
, PG, 800 words - Summary: Castiel warms Dean's body and soul.

Read All About It, PG, 700 words - Summary: It’s the first year after Dean and Sam stop hunting together and Castiel has important news.

Marking the Distance
, PG-13, 2500 words - Summary: Wounded and scared, Dean’s alone in the woods with something dark on his trail.

Bringer of Light, PG-13, 3100 words - Prompt: Dean gives Castiel lessons on why humanity is worth saving (can also be as angsty or funny as you want).

They Call the Wind Mariah, PG-13, 4500 words - Summary: The Winchester men and the Winchester boys.

, PG-13, 900 words - Summary: Sam has a fever and Dean takes care of him.

In Perpetuity
, G, Drabble - Summary: Some things never change.

Big Crack Attack, PG-13, Crack alert! Note: My thought was to write a delicious little hurt/comfort coda. Instead, short, bad crack happened.

Blaze of Glory, G, 630 words - Summary: Castiel considers Dean.

No Way
, PG, Drabble - Note: Challenge 128 - Yellow

3 am
, PG, 1000 words - Summary: Dean can't always wear his game face.

Three Days Later
, PG, 440 words - Summary: Sometimes, Dean forgets.

Personal Grooming and the Modern Man
, PG-13, Crack alert! 1500 words, Summary: Dean gets whammied. Sam gets freaked.

The Watchman, PG, 4200 words, Summary: Seven days until the deadline for Dean’s one-way trip to hell, Sam finally figures out how to save his brother’s life. On that day, Dean nearly dies.

Out of the Bag
, PG, 400 words, Summary: Dean is strangely reluctant to join a hunt.

Day of the Dead
- Gen - PG-13 - 3000 words - Summary: Something is strange about Sam.*

A New Leaf
- Gen - PG-13 - 6400 words - Summary: Dean decides to, well, turn over a new leaf and live the time he has left to him differently.

A Boatful of Flamingos Ain't Gonna Salve My Ego - Gen - PG-13 - 900 words - Summary: Dean's trying to outrun a very persistent pursuer. Speeding, swerving, swearing, and skidding ensues.

Note Me, Baby
- Gen - PG-13 - 5000 words - Summary: Sam and Dean encounter zombies, a warlock, and some mysterious, but aggravating notes. In Nebraska. Oh my.

- Gen - PG-13 - 4900 words - Summary: Dean’s fighting off hypothermia, his worried brother, and chick flick moments in the cold Wisconsin woods.*

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