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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Fic: Following Orders (2 comment fics, Dark Angel, Max/Alec)
SPN - Dean looking sideways
I scribbled up two little comment_fic 's the other night with relative ease.  I like it when they come easy that way!  Wish they all did.  These are both for the prompt: Dark Angel, Max/Alec, following orders. 

First, we have the sweet schmoopy one:


He drew back from the kiss with a last, lingering press of his lips, and just looked at her, his expression torn between amusement--the cat who'd caught the mouse--and trepidation, like he fully expected her to kick his ass 49 ways from Sunday.

Which she probably should. It was just that she was a bit shell-shocked. One minute they were alone, bent over the conference table in TC's command center and bickering over the plan for the upcoming mission, and the next Alec had her pressed up against the file cabinets licking into her mouth like she was a piece of rare chocolate and he wanted nothing more than to savor every bite.

“What the hell, Alec?” Max asked. She'd been going for outraged with her tone, but instead her voice just sounded shaky and breathless. And quite possibly humiliatingly turned on.

“You told me to make it good.”

“I didn't ...” she paused, licking her lips. “I wanted an explanation for why you wouldn't go to Asha's tonight to get the intel Logan needs. Not … this.”

“This, Max?” He was smiling, and standing too close. Way too close. She could smell his cologne, some spicy manly totally intoxicating scent that she really didn't want to like. “This is just me following orders.”

Then he was kissing her again, all warm and wet and irresistible, and her objections just sort of … evaporated. It took her a moment to let go of the surprise and embarrassment and when she did, it rather surprised her to realize just how okay she was with Alec's lips on hers.


And then we have the dark, twisted one:


Alec tugged on his bonds, found them too tight and unyielding, specially designed handcuffs to withstand even his super strength. He swallowed, trying to calm the rolling pit of acid in his stomach and failing entirely.

“Max, please don't do this.”

She gave a humorless little laugh. “Not a chance, soldier. You sealed your fate when you followed Renfro's orders to bring me back to her just a little too late.” She cast a glance at Logan's sprawled, unmoving form, her mouth twisted into a rictus of a grin, then fastened her dark eyes on Alec. “It's your fault he's dead, and you have to pay for that.”

She drew a handful of vials from her jacket pocket. They clinked together faintly, each filled with a different colored liquid. She plucked one of the vials from her hand and held it up to the light next to Logan's Eyes Only set up. “There's not telling what delicious little superbugs each of these holds. No telling what each of them will do to you, genetically engineered for perfection or not – no telling how long it will take for you to cry and beg for me to stop injecting them into your bloodstream.”


She ignored Alec. “Of course, there's always the possibility that they won't have the desired effect.” She padded over to the kitchen and selected the longest, sharpest cooking knife from the block on the counter. “Then I'll just have to get … creative.”

Alec closed his eyes. God, he didn't even want to know what the hell she was planning.

“Max, look,” he said, trying for reason. “This isn't you. Logan's death – what happened to him – it would make anyone go a little crazy to find that they accidentally killed their lover. Don't do something you're going to regret.”

She gave him a dark, predatory smile. “Oh, don't you worry about that, soldier.” She approached him, steel glinting in one hand and glass vials in the other. He sat helpless as her cool voice glided over him. “I'm going to enjoy this. You, on the other hand, won't be quite so lucky.”


Which do you prefer?  Please don't say neither!  And go, leave me some Max/Alec or just Alec prompts over at comment_fic  .... please!

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Eeek!! The 2nd one just makes me want to cry! I much prefer the first one, thanks. I request more schmoop, lol!

More schmoop, coming up! :-) Thanks for reading - I miss Alec. &hearts

Definitely the first!
Excellent work ^-^

Thanks! People seem to like the light and fluffy more than the dark and twisted, lol. I'll have to keep that in mind!

Oh, my. I like them both, but the second was just so creepily good. Thinking about Max like that is pretty chilling.

(And I just might leave a couple for you... comment_fic is so addicting!)

Ooooh, please do leave some prompts over at comment_fic. It IS addictive! Help! I'm an addict!!

wow! ok, both of these being from the same prompt is one of the reasons i love fandom. one little tweak and new universe!
i have to admit i'll go with the alec kissing. *daydreams* ... those lips!
thanks for these! and for the heads up about comment_fic. i'll go play there later.

Thanks for reading and commenting and applying that delicious icon. YUM. Yes, daydreaming about Alec's lips is a very good thing to do. I may have to indulge in a little of that right now, as a matter of fact ...

Dark and twisted all the way!

Hahaha!! I'm glad you like the dark, bb!

I'm glad you don't think me crazy for doing so! :)

It's funny, I always tend to lean towards angsty, dark and twisty for Alec, but in this case I totally loved the schmoopy one more. Both are excellent, darlin.

Thanks! Your comment definitely inspires me to do more! As a matter of fact, I may have to run in and work on one right now .... ;-)

You're hurting the Alec! Bad girl!

Hey, you love Hurt!Alec ... right? LOL

Yes. Yes I do.

That reminds me. I think I have fic of yours to read. A reference to a bathtub, yes?

I have catching up to do this weekend.

Yes, indeed. The bathtub is all because of you. :-)

Here it is: Waking to Tomorrow

Have a great weekend!

Hmm, kissing!Alec versus tortured!Alec, tricky.
Schmoopy one tonight, but if I was in a darker mood the second definitely has something about it!

Lol, just thinking about kissing!Alec is pretty irresistible, huh? Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad you liked them. :-)

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