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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Wanna Friend Me?
SPN - Dean looking sideways

I've only  friendlocked some of my entries, so no need to friend me if you just want to cruise around my journal.  However, if you DO want to friend me, feel free to.  I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment about how you found me and what common interests we might share since I do read my friends' posts and comment ... :-)

BTW, the Semi Friends Only graphic was made by chocca2 and the layout was made by blowxgraphics 

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(Deleted comment)
Hi Trenee! So glad to have a new friend! :-) Sure, it's definitely possible to burn the podfics to cd to play on a cd player. You can do it through Windows Media Player - just make sure that you are burning the cd as 'Audio' format instead of 'Data' format - this should convert the mp3 files to file formats that the CD player can access. Most of the newer CD players will play mp3 files (without converting them), although it sounds like yours won't.

I'm actually more familiar with iTunes for burning purposes. But let me know if you are still having trouble and I'll try to help. Also, the first few posts at this link may help:


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