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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Wanna Friend Me?
SPN - Dean looking sideways

I've only  friendlocked some of my entries, so no need to friend me if you just want to cruise around my journal.  However, if you DO want to friend me, feel free to.  I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment about how you found me and what common interests we might share since I do read my friends' posts and comment ... :-)

BTW, the Semi Friends Only graphic was made by chocca2 and the layout was made by blowxgraphics 

would love to be friend.

I have read many of your stories on Rasing Hellion and love them and found on your profile you have livejournal. I am new to live journal and still learning to use.

Re: would love to be friend.

Awesome! I'm glad to have you! I have a lot more Dark Angel stories on my journal here that I never posted to Raising Hellions. Enjoy! :-)

Hey, I'm <lj user="irreparable'>'s friend who'll be meeting you guys in LA. She and some other friends of ours dragged me into SPN fandom, and I'm still catching up, but I love it. Let's see, what else... I also have a cat. Anyway, hope it's alright if I friend. :)

I seem to have missed your message - yes, definitely, friends are great! It was fun hanging out with you in LA. :-)

DA FIC. It looks like you've got some great SPN fic but there is definitely a lack of DA fic out there. I've got a lot to read :)

*friends friends friends*

Yay for Alec!! :-)

Welcome aboard!

(Deleted comment)
I don't know who the hell you are, but you have some nerve coming to my journal to act like an asshole. Fuck off!
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

I stumbled across your fic in the... Dean/Sam LJ I think. I really like your writing style and would like to read more. NOT EXACTLY ORIGINAL BUT THE CLICHE USUALLY BECOMES SO BECAUSE THERE IS AT LEAST A SINGLE GRAIN OF TRUTH WITHIN. And I really do like your writing style : D

Thanks so much for your kind words! so glad you like my fic. &hearts

(Deleted comment)
Awesome! I love new friends!

Hi there! *waves* We seem to share an interest in podfics and Supernatural and Sam/Dean. Would you care to be friends? :)

Hi my dear! I didn't receive the notification of your message, but yes, I would love to be friends with you - adding you right now.

Your username is awesome, btw! :-) (and so are your podfics!!)

Hey! I added you as I saw we both like Supernatural. I love the show!!
My name is Ashleigh and I am 18 (almost 19) and I live in Australia. Other interests of mine include Merlin and tennis.
Thanks, Ashleigh.

Hi there! I'm happy to have you! I like Merlin, too, although I haven't watched any of S3 yet. I suppose I should do that one of these days, lol.

Anyhow, I'm aged (44) and soon to be - no joke - a grandma (my daughter is 21) but if you can put up with that we'll do fine.

I post about all kinds of stuff but LOTS of Supernatural.

Also, Australia has the COOLEST people ever, it seems. :-)

(Deleted comment)
Hi there! I'm so glad you're enjoying the podfic recs - I do love podfic and I'm happy to spread the love. :-) Welcome!

hey! this is aewnaur.. my new lj name .. unfortunate deletion of my account during a few really dark days and i can't get that name back .. thought i'd drop you a line and hopefully refriend.. can't believe how much i've missed my lj friends lol.. hope you have been doing well..

Of course, I love having you on my flist! I hope things are going better for you. *hugs*

Life is going good for me. :-) Got another grandbaby on the way ... really making me feel OLD, haha.

I found you through your Dark Angel Recs. Looking forward to working my way through your DA and SPN stuff as soon as I can

Awesome! Great to meet you - hope you enjoy. I did get a bit obsessive with DA recs for a while there, lol. And reccing SPN was always fun. :-)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for your message! Actually, I took it down because I rewrote it as an original novel (book 1 of a series) and I'll be publishing it sometime within the next couple of years. I have an occasional newsletter that announces new releases that you're welcome to join if you like. I'll announce it there when it comes out: http://eepurl.com/DoEz5

Hi, I just friended you : ). I’m a writer (when I’m not getting over a concussion), an artist and a monster fan of Alec, Sam, Dean, Jared and Jensen. : )