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This is your brain on Supernatural

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Wanna Friend Me?
SPN - Dean looking sideways

I've only  friendlocked some of my entries, so no need to friend me if you just want to cruise around my journal.  However, if you DO want to friend me, feel free to.  I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment about how you found me and what common interests we might share since I do read my friends' posts and comment ... :-)

BTW, the Semi Friends Only graphic was made by chocca2 and the layout was made by blowxgraphics 

(Deleted comment)
Hi Trenee! So glad to have a new friend! :-) Sure, it's definitely possible to burn the podfics to cd to play on a cd player. You can do it through Windows Media Player - just make sure that you are burning the cd as 'Audio' format instead of 'Data' format - this should convert the mp3 files to file formats that the CD player can access. Most of the newer CD players will play mp3 files (without converting them), although it sounds like yours won't.

I'm actually more familiar with iTunes for burning purposes. But let me know if you are still having trouble and I'll try to help. Also, the first few posts at this link may help:


*Waves* Friending you, because you're awesome, you have all these lovely SPN recs, you do audiofic, and yeah *grins* 'cause you're awesome.

Edited at 2008-05-03 07:28 am (UTC)

Awww! You're sweet! I also post lots of bizarre cat pictures. lol! :-)


Hi! I am trying to make a complete list of all the Supernatural and Supernatural-related communities on LJ at spn_guidebook. Would you like me to include spn_gen_podfics on the list? The only requirement is that you link back to spn_guidebook on your user info page, either under affiliates or not, whichever you prefer. (This is so people can find spn_guidebook.)

I'd really like to have every community that includes Supernatural in this list, but I'm not going to put up communities without the moderator's approval. Please let me know if you'd like to be included.

Thanks a lot!

Sure, I'd love for you to put spn_gen_podfics on your list! I'll put you on our user info page, too.

Thanks for thinking of us! :-)

Hi I first found your stuff out on Sam/Dean podfics (on jinjurly's site)and I'm a fan (seen as I'd never have the guts to do it myself lol!) So I'm just saying that I'd like to freind you, umm yeah hope to see more of your Sam/Dean podfics and fics they're really great :).

Yay!!! Awesome, hon. I love me my Sam/Dean podfics. I'm getting ready to do a couple more, plus a Dean/Henrikson.

*friends right back* :-)

Hi! I found you through your wincest stuff. I love your podcasts. They make my bus ride to and from work a little more enjoyable. You're awesome. Thanks!

Hey, thanks so much! Wincest is YUM. I'm posting another one tonight. Welcome, friend! :-)

hi, i just join livejournal and i would like you to be my first friend. i found you through byaghro. you did a podfic for her catboy arc. you have a really good reading voice and i was just wondering if your reading any other fic, cause it would be great and i would definatly download it. and if your taking any request, it would be really great if you could read the oath breaker by kc anathema

Welcome to LJ! I have done a gazillion podfics - :-) Most of them are for Supernatural, but I do have some in other fandoms, including HP. You can find them here: http://twasadark.googlepages.com/audiofic

*skips off to friend you back*


i posted in ohnokripkedidnt with an idea for a buddy exchange yesterday. since the mods have their plates full, i thought i'd start up my own community for the friending! it's spn_buddy, and there's a post to comment if you're still interested. we'll be starting this week. :)

also, i know you expressed some interest in helping, so you can drop me a line if you're down for it! thanks.

Oh! Sounds great! Going over there to join right now ...

A Winnar is you! CONGRATS!

Hey, hi. I tried to email you to your LJ address but somehow the mail got rejected an came back. Could you please email audmod (at gmail) so I have your address and can email you back? I have a non-nefarious amplificathon porpoise, I promise. :D
Or, you could give me an addy for you here in a comment, of course. It's a little riskier though, because it would have a higher chance of getting lost in the audmod inbox (among all the LJ comments from modposts, etc).

Thank you for friending me back, I've been downloading your ipod fics, and I just wanted so say a big thank you, they are great, I've also been reading some of your fic recs.
you are awesome :)

Oh, great! I'm so glad you're enjoying the podfics! And the recs as well. I've been podficcing so maniacally lately that I haven't made many new ones - I've been thinking of making another post soon. :-)

Friending you cuz I love your recs! Love your header too!


Yay!! I love friends! My header is gorgeous, huh? sweetgirl7808 made it.

First of all: You've found ME! but I'm sure we've a lot in common.

I'm always behind my f-list and I've waaay too many comms (okay, I've just left some of them) - anyway, I'd love to be your friend, so here I am.

*adds you*


btw: I'm still in love with this lay. ♥

*smiles like a loon*

Edited at 2008-08-14 02:01 pm (UTC)

Yay!! I'm sure we'll get along famously! :-)

I'm a recent iPod-er, and of course that means podfic. Like I really needed another SPN obsession! You're Queen podfic, so I had to friend you, of course. I love your readings and recs. I'm mostly a gen girl, but have been known to venture elsewhere when highly highly rec'd.

Podfic rules!!! Yay!! Thanks so much for your kind words - welcome to the den of insanity ... I mean, my journal. :-) I do love me my gen, but also my other slashy obsessions. LOL.

I've seen you around the Supernatural communities, and you posted a comment on my journal, so I decided to take a look around yours, and I like what I see. Interested in being friends?

Few facts about me:

I'm a lovable gal, with a snarky attitude. I also ADORE Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Torchwood.

Interested in being friends?

Definitely! Friends are the best! :-)

Also, snark + Supernatural adoration = TEH BEST!

Um hi. I just kinda wandered here in my newly discovered love of podfic, remembered that you seem awesome and decided I should friend you. I have a tragic shortage of Supernatural and Dark Angel fans on my flist. Hope you don't mind!

PODFIC, FTW!! :-) And anyone who calls me awesome is MORE than welcome around these parts, lol! Loved your jam_pony_fic entry ... maybe you'll let me podfic it??

Yay for both SPN and DA! Which reminds me, I need to get my butt in gear to finish my DA fics ... :-)

Oh my gosh so, you are by far my favorite podfic reader. By far. One of your recordings was the first podfic I ever heard. Afterwards I downloaded a million and a half other podfics (by the way, just wanted to thank you for the new podfic addiction ♥ ^_^) and almost none of them were as good as yours.
I think it's the way you change the tone of your voice for each character (Dean's voice is my favorite ^_^ ♥ ), it's really brilliant.
Nonetheless, I'm a long time lurker first time friender!

Thanks so much for everything!
♥ Allie

Oh, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad that you enjoy my podfics. They are fun to do. And now that I've done a gajillion of them they seem to go pretty quick, lol.

Welcome to my journal. Friends are the best! &hearts