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Wanna Friend Me?

I've only  friendlocked some of my entries, so no need to friend me if you just want to cruise around my journal.  However, if you DO want to friend me, feel free to.  I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment about how you found me and what common interests we might share since I do read my friends' posts and comment ... :-)

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mini-wrimo lives!

Hello friends! It has been a very long time since I posted to this journal. I hope everyone is well. I'm popping in here to encourage you to join mini-wrimo and write a minimum of a hundred words a day throughout November. If you're like me, you find NaNoWriMo way too intimidating to attempt. But 100 words a day? I can do that. Most times I get a lot more than that done, even.

Visit the com here to learn more: https://mini-wrimo.livejournal.com/153453.html. And come on over to this post to sign up: https://mini-wrimo.livejournal.com/153165.html

The challenge starts November 1st, but this year you can sign up through November 10th.

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Asking for help

Originally posted by juice817 at Asking for help

This is awkward for me because I hate asking for help, but I find myself in a difficult situation.

As some of you know, I recently had surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear in my shoulder. There was quite a bit of damage and I won't be able to return to work until the middle of May.

Because it was a repetitive motion injury from work, Workman's Comp paid for my surgery, but they are only paying a fraction of my salary, and I get that money 2-4 weeks after my regular work payday.

As a result, I am a month behind on my mortgage and if I miss another payment they will start foreclosure proceedings. I also have other household expenses like utilities and groceries, and the bills Workman's Comp won't pay.

I need the money as soon as possible to keep my house. I love my little home and my neighborhood, and I can't afford to move anyway because I am underwater in my mortgage. Any help provided would mean the world to me and I will be so grateful.

I've set up a GoFundMe page in case anyone wants to donate.

Thank you so very much.
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Long Time, No See

Hello all! I've been around but not on LJ, unfortunately. However, I did just sign up for the mini_wrimo challenge. It's a mini version of the National Novel Writing Month in November. You can pledge however many words you like a day, but the idea is that you write every day in November. Come join us! Do it before October 30, though. Signups end after that.
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Jeffrey Dean, you smarmy bastard, you

So I haven't posted here in more than 6 months. Eeek! But I just read this lovely article: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants to Return to Supernatural and it set my shippy little heart all aflutter (shippy for JDM/Jensen, that is):

More importantly, Jensen, especially, is like a brother to me. I know he’s my son on the show, but we’ve become very, very good friends. Jared, too, but Jensen is like the godfather of my son. Not officially, but he introduced me to Hilarie [Burton] and is a big part of my family, and Hilarie is best friends with his wife (Danneel Harris). So, we’re together whether we want to be or not. For me, I think it would be so cool to go back and have him direct me. That would be great.

Happy sigh. Let's see, how exactly would Jensen DIRECT dear Jeffrey Dean? Hmmmm ....